Raasay Community Stores has introduced new advice for residents on limiting the spread of coronavirus and maintaining social distancing while the coronavirus threat continues to grow. In a post on Facebook, the stores said:

During the ongoing Coronavirus situation, staff at Raasay Stores will be taking steps to protect the health and wellbeing of customers and staff by following guidelines on preventing the spread of the disease. This means that surfaces will be regularly wiped down with anti bacterial solutions, regular hand washing will take place and staff members will follow the government guidelines on self isolation as necessary. We will also be offering a delivery service to anyone who wishes to minimise contact or a phone and collect service (where you can phone in your order and collect at the door).

The shop has also introduced new rules for customers, encouraging them to spend as little time in the shop as possible and to maintain the social distancing necessary to limit the spread of disease. They have also advised no more than two customers in the shop at one time, and have encouraged shoppers to use contactless forms of payment in place of physical notes.

To help those who are self-isolating, the shop has ramped up it’s delivery and ordering services. Customers are now able to order online or over the phone, allowing them to either come collect orders or have them delivered at no extra charge. The shop is currently trying to secure volunteers to help with this delivery service, although it may take a few days to get the system fully up and running. On a post on Facebook, David said:

“From Monday, if you would like to place an order for delivery or collection could you please phone or email/message it in between 1030 and 1200. And collect between 1500 and 1630. This will give us enough time to put together the orders and have them ready and give us a little more structure to the day.”

See below for posters that are now hanging in the shop and on the local notice board. more information on the shop and services can be found on our advice for residents page.


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