Well, this isn’t exactly the big launch we had hoped for, but in light of the unsettling COVID-19 pandemic, we have moved forward the long-overdue redesign of Raasay.com to try and create a resource of information as we enter an uncertain time for both the island and the world.

As you will already know, vast and unprecedented change is upon us. Businesses everywhere have closed, borders are closing and travel is slowly being restricted to limit limit the spread of COVID-19. Health care systems across the world are preparing for a never before seen level of strain and difficulty. Here on Raasay, we as a community are trying our best to prepare for this challenging period. The community has come together on various initiatives to encourage and support those looking to self isolate. Raasay Community Stores as well as volunteers are coordinating to ensure everyone has access to supplies and and help that may be required in the weeks and months ahead. The aim of Raasay.com now is to help support this work with information and updates and also to provide information to those not on the island.

As of today, ferry companies in Scotland have been advised not to take on non-essential travellers and will be limiting their services to those living on the island, as well as business and freight. Further changes are bound to be put in place, and we want to ensure that both residents and those not on Raasay are up to date on what these changes may be.

Thank you for your patience as we work out the kinks of the new Raasay.com, and we promise when the threat of COVID-19 is behind us we will be introducing plenty of exciting new features for residents and visitors alike!


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