Isle of Raasay Tartan

An off-shoot from the Community Art Project was the design and registration of the 'Isle of Raasay Tartan'. The rationale behind it was that, while the historical significance of the MacLeods of Raasay is recognised, many of the present day islanders have no affiliation to the clan MacLeod and certainly the vast majority of visitors to the island have no connection with any clan.

It was felt that a tartan for the island would be useful in several areas of island life and would be a focus for those who visit Rassay. While the Art Project was in progress, four different tartan patterns were designed using six colours (six is the maximum number of colours recommended for tartan designs): a deep blue, for the sea in summer; a pale blue, for the evening sky; a dark green, for the many conifers on the island; a pale green, for the colour of the moorland much of the year; a purple, for the heather in bloom and finally sienna - the colour of the red deer which roam the island. The four new patterns were presented to the islanders in the community shop and over a period of three weeks a vote was taken. The overwhelming favourite was the predominantly dark green one and a 41/2 metre length of the tartan was woven on the island as part of the Community Art Project. Raasay tartan scarves, hand woven on the island, are available from time to time in the village shop.

Raasay Tartan WovenRaasay Tartan Scarves