A variety of habitats from acid moor  to limestone cliffs and from coastal areas to freshwater lochs and bogs

This variety of habitats, and the warming effect of the Gulf Stream, is reflected in the diversity of life to be found in a small area so far north.

The following examples are just a taste of what is to be found here.

There are about 40 different native ferns and fern allies found on Raasay, from the aptly named small adder’s-tongue to bracken, great horsetail and royal fern.

Many different orchids grow and, in some cases hybridise. Bird’s-nest orchid has not been seen for many years but the rare Lapland marsh orchid has a strong presence in one area.

The limestone cliffs on the east side of the island are home to many ferns and flowering plants such as holly fern, dark-red helleborine and mountain avens as well as many more common plants such as wild thyme, wall-rue and fairy flax.