Raasay Community Resilience Group

In light of the ongoing Coronavirus situation, Raasay Community Council has set up the ‘Raasay Community Resilience Group’.

This group will be co-ordinating information and support to ensure that our community is in the best possible position to get through the following weeks and months. Please see below some information which we hope will help you during this time.

Health Advice 

No non-essential visitors are currently allowed on the island. Every business and service has either closed or, like the shop, limited points of face-to-face contact with customers. Many residents are self-isolating. These things will help protect everyone we care about, but the most important protection is that we all listen to Government advice.


You could be infected with coronavirus and not show any symptoms. You could still pass the infection to someone else.

Community Nurse on Raasay

From the 1st of April there will be overnight cover on Raasay, as well as daytime cover. During daytime hours 9am to 5pm, please phone 01478 660204. From 5pm to 9am please contact NHS24 via 111. NHS24 will review and will then contact the Community Nurse if a visit is needed overnight.

If You Develop Symptoms

If you do develop symptoms of Coronavirus, please follow the advice to self-isolate and do not leave your home. If your symptoms worsen or you have serious health concerns please contact: NHS24 on 111.

As always, dial 999 in an emergency.

The website NHSinform.scot has all the latest guidance and information you will require during this crisis and they also have a helpline for any concerns or queries you might have:

0800 028 2816

Government Advice

  • Only leave home for essential shopping, medical needs and exercise once per day.
  • Travel to and from work only if absolutely necessary.
  • Public gatherings of more than 2 people are banned excluding people you live with.
  • When you are outside, make sure you are 2 metres (6 feet) apart from anyone other than those in your household.
  • Do not visit other people’s houses or socialise outside your home.
  • Wash hands regularly using soap and hot water or use a sanitiser gel.