Raasay Community Renewables 

In September 2020, the community set up Raasay Community Renewables Ltd (RCR), a Community Benefit Society (FCA registration number 8459) to develop sustainable energy infrastructure projects that will contribute to supporting the local population and environment.

Raasay Renewables

Raasay Community Renewables is an organisation dedicated to bringing sustainable energy solutions to the Isle of Raasay and its residents. Our current project involves developing two micro hydro schemes, resulting in an annual CO2 saving of 127 tonnes.  

Partner with us to build a sustainable future for the IsIe of Raasay

We invite you to buy shares in our community owned hydro-electric generation schemes which harnesses the combined potential of two run of river hydros – the 99KW Inverarish Burn Hydro and the 38KW Mine Burn Hydro. This is a fantastic opportunity to invest in social and environmental causes and see a financial return for your support in the years to come.

Green electricity generation – The schemes are estimated to generate, on average, 520,000kWh of electricity each year translating to annual savings of 127 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Community Benefit Fund – Conservative projections indicate the schemes will generate a surplus from 2024 of c£6k rising yearly to c£28k in 2031 and beyond which will support community and environmental projects. We will work with the community to identify local uses for the electricity that we cannot export to the national grid. Initially this will provide energy to dry wood as part of the community’s ongoing wood fuel initiative, and we are looking into providing charging points for electric vehicles.

Buy shares and become a member of RCR

We have raised over £300K in grants to support the build and we need a further £650K to bring the project to completion. Individuals and organisations are invited to buy shares in our schemes and help us reach our target. In doing so, you will become a valued member of Raasay Community Renewables.