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Raasay Carbon Neutral Islands Project

The Carbon Neutral Islands Project

In May 2022 the Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs and Islands announced the six Scottish islands to be supported by the Carbon Neutral Islands project: Hoy, Islay, Great Cumbrae, Raasay, Barra and Yell. The CNI project includes one island from each of the local authority areas with responsibility for islands in Scotland.

More widely, the CNI project will help to deliver key commitments in the National Islands Plan (2019) and the National Performance Framework (2007), create island-based jobs, and support islands to adapt to the negative effects of climate change. The project aims to align with wider net-zero and decarbonisation efforts and will contribute to the Scottish Government’s statutory target to reach net zero by 2045.

Whilst the overarching theme of the project is climate resilience, the project aims to improve quality of life, create employment, and improve the sustainability of the community whilst delivering community lead climate action. All Scottish islands will benefit from the project through the sharing of good practices coming from the implementation of the project. The six islands will act as catalysts for net zero action across Scotland making them light house communities. 

Carbon Neutral Raasay

In the first phase of activities, wide-ranging baseline carbon audits were carried which identified key carbon sources and sinks with the aim of stimulating discussion and engagement with the local community. These discussions helped to identify and shape the key community priorities to lower emissions and improve resilience on Raasay.


The community priorities fed into the Community Climate Action Plan which combines the findings of the audits with the prioritised projects by the community. This action plan is a living document providing climate solutions owned by the community. Rosie and Tom, along with the community, will be working this year to bring the projects within it together.


Rosie and Tom act as the link between the community, the Scottish Government and Community Energy Scotland who are the key delivery partners.

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  •  Land Use, Waste and Wastewater Carbon Audit
  •  Energy and Transport Carbon Audit
  • Community Carbon Action Plan           
  • Residents Survey 2023                   
carbon neutral raasay


Rosie and Tom are the two development officers working on this project. 

CNI Rosie

Rosie Macinnes

Rosie is a co-chair of Raasay Community Renewables who set up and run the local hydro scheme and is currently studying towards a Masters in Marine Renewable Energy. Rosie is very interested in the decarbonisation and sustainability of rural communities.


Tom Lusink

Passionate about making the planet a fairer and more habitable place for all, the CNI project is a great opportunity for Tom, who hopes to help Raasay on its path to a sustainable future. When not working on CNI, he loves spending time outdoors. Tom’s previously tried his hand at navigating ships around the world and working in the drinks industry.

Isle of Raasay

pine cones
raasay moss
Waterfall Raasay HM
woods-raasay is managed by Raasay Development Trust (RDT) on behalf of the Raasay community.

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