Raasay Development Trust

RDT is a charitable trust established to sustain a diversity of community assets and development projects. RDT exists to enable projects which improve the island’s infrastructure, offer new opportunities and deliver benefits to islanders and the community generally in terms of welfare and sustainability. 

The trust consists of a board of volunteers working with our local development officer, Elizabeth Macleod. This position is funded by HIE.

Elizabeth’s role is to deal with public and private agencies, progress complex funding applications, and progress these projects and opportunities within tight timescales.

Some of these projects have a long history and some are relatively recent.

Current projects include:

Housing – we are working with Lochalsh and Skye Housing Association and the Communities Housing Trust to develop 5 properties for affordable rent and 5 serviced self-build plots. Plots will be discounted through the Rural Housing Burden scheme

Catoe Brown Architects and  James Macqueen Building Contractors Ltd are the contractors appointed. The development is going through planning at the moment and we aim to start construction later in 2021.

Project funders/supporters – Rural and Island Housing Fund, Ecology Building Society and through sale of plots.

Pontoon – we are taking this forward as a phased approach with construction phase 1 being the installation of a 12 berth pontoon by April 2022. The second phase will see onshore facilities and wider visitor infrastructure developed.

Construction phase 1 project funders/supporters – Regeneration Capital Grant Fund (RCGF) and Highland Council Coastal Fund (HCCF).

Hydro – Raasay Community Renewables (RCR) are now taking this forward after a successful community shares offer. RCR are supported by Elizabeth and the hydro contractor BluEnergy. 

Construction work has commenced and the hydro will be commissioned by September 2022.

Project funders/supporters – CARES, SSE Sustainable Development Fund, Community Shares Scotland and our c400 investors.

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 Elizabeth Macleod

Raasay Development Officer




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